Season 4 Entrepreneur: Millions and B**ches


Entrepreneur Season 4: Millions and B**ches. A fun title and a lighter season comprised of some random posts (not like the last two seasons which were concept seasons) that I was going to post on Facebook for free, but can’t because I got shadowbanned, so I put them in a season.


Table of Contents:

  1. Biden’s Failings, Incompetencies, and More Failings
  2. Burn Baby, Burn
  3. Income to Rise
  4. Ballot Stuffing Prevented
  5. Bad Economic Period
  6. Covid Failures
  7. The Big Lie
  8. Apathy
  9. Insurance Policies
  10. Socialism
  11. Deserve
  12. Global Warming
  13. Why Should I Work?


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