What is Your Answer to Ballot Stuffing?

Petition: https://chng.it/cP8BNc9P 

Do you think ballot stuffing will not happen? What is your answer to ballot stuffing? How are you going to get conservatives elected in November? We need to elect conservatives in November. We need to keep real Republicans out of the president’s office. Strong conservatives will do so. There is a difference between real Republicans and conservatives. Conservatives will keep real Republicans out of the president’s office. Conservatives are the answer. We need to keep RINOs out as well. Help me to elect conservatives to office in November. Ballot stuffing will happen. How we will we fight it in the aftermath? I am seeing if people are on board. I need you to at least like the post and sign the petition. I will be contacting hundreds of people. How do I know it will work? It has to work. Ballot stuffing will prevent conservatives from being elected and therefore not having the people necessary to keep real Republicans out of the president’s office. If people say no, how do you know ballot stuffing won’t happen?!!!!!

When Democrats get elected in November, what are we going to do then? If we do this, we can fight because we need real Republicans out of the president’s office. 

I hate to say it, but the reality is conservatives have to do this and like and sign this.

Anyone wants to join in simply like, share, comment, and sign the petition. I’d be happy to do this, but I’m not begging.

This is important, maybe more important, but this isn’t my main project anyway.

In conclusion, will ballot stuffing happen and what is your answer to it? We need conservatives elected in November and how are you going to do so?

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