Welcome to Andie Think Entrepreneur.

Slogan: 1. Earn More.

Slogan: 2. “Make a job,” not “Get a job.”

Andie Think is the parent organization. “The Andie Think Show” and “AT Entrepreneur” are It’s two components. This webpage mainly focuses on “AT Entrepreneur.

Latest from the Blog

Announcement – June / July 2023

Couple of Announcements – My mini-series “The Path to Freedom,” starts, Saturday, July 1st. I will post the video to Truth Social. The 1st video you already saw. I posted it a while ago pleading to Trump for more. I will post one video each day starting July 1st. However, all 7 videos of “The…

Lolz, So Much Opportunity

I can do this shit with my left hand. “Gotta show you fuckers I’m not to play withThe ruckus had been my favorite, King Kunta the fuckin’ greatestWhoa” “I’m in shockThe nerve, the audacityOkay” “Don’t push me when I’m in album mode” Doing this on 4/4 day is a personal insult to me. I want…

The Chinese Virus

Covid, the Chinese Virus, was the crime of history.

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