Announcement – June / July 2023

Couple of Announcements – My mini-series “The Path to Freedom,” starts, Saturday, July 1st. I will post the video to Truth Social. The 1st video you already saw. I posted it a while ago pleading to Trump for more. I will post one video each day starting July 1st.

However, all 7 videos of “The Path to Freedom,” are already posted on my Rumble account (, so one could actually watch them all now if one wishes. 

On July 3rd, my new AT Entrepreneur Season starts with the first episode on Patreon ( This Season is called, “Season 9 AT Entrepreneur – Resurrecting the American Dream: FUCK the USA (The US Failed Me).” I am a realist, and we live in the United Democrat States of America (UDSA), and I call it how I see it. I still love the US, but change MUST happen. 

As always, shop my past Seasons on 

Finally, normally on Tuesday every other week, I will be posting Andie Think Episodes. This week it is Wednesday because of the Holiday. I am bringing you free content, and I am so excited to finally bring you free content. Andie Think Episodes are AT Entrepreneur Seasons put into episode form and are from two years ago. I felt this was the fairest way to reward paying customers, while also providing free content. 

I was so excited that I released the first three episodes on my Rumble, which many of you have watched already. If you can’t wait to watch those episodes, you can watch them now, but normally they will come out on Tuesday every other week. 

So to recap, “The Path to Freedom,” starts July 1st with 7 episodes released daily; “S9 AT Entrepreneur: FUCK the USA,” 1st episode releases July 3rd with 13 episodes released every Monday; and “S1 Andie Think Episodes (S1 AT Entrepreneur),” releases July 5th with likely 6 total episodes this season releasing every other Tuesday.

Things are heating up at Andie Think! Thank you to everyone who supports me. Please like, share, and subscribe because I hope to grow this into a full time business one day. Thank you. 

Note: I have some hip hop songs on my Rumble I made. I wish there was a way to make playlists on Rumble so I could organize content better. They are just some songs I made in my free time, killing time. I can only work so many hours a week being a mental health patient. Once you watch Video No. 6 of “The Path to Freedom,” you will understand why I am a mental health patient. Thank you. 

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