87,000 IRS Agents – DON’T F**K WITH MY MONEY

If you are still voting Democrat after everything that has been done and ESPECIALLY after this new law (Inflation Reduction Act), then F**K you. If you don’t like it, DON’T F**K WITH MY MONEY.  Government passed a new bill called the Inflation Reduction Act (it doesn’t do that), where 87,000 new IRS agents will beContinue reading “87,000 IRS Agents – DON’T F**K WITH MY MONEY”

Balenciaga $1000 Garbage Bags

The Rich are pathetic.  Something I talk about in Bringing Back the American Dream I is the vast wealth gaps this country has. It is pathetic. The luxury fashion company Balenciaga just released TRASH BAGS that cost over $1000! A trash bag costing over $1000. Ridiculous.  I write more about luxury companies and the wealthContinue reading “Balenciaga $1000 Garbage Bags”