Quick Death

If anyone wants to put a bullet in my head, feel free to do it.




I’m going to fuck all the IRS’ wives.

Lyrics 86

“Wanna know why I retired? ‘Cause I was uninspired You could never tame meI’d rather fail trying something new than doing the same s**t every day” I’m uncoachable. I’m unsocialable. YOU CAN’T TAME ME!

Lyrics 85

“Today’s top fives only strengthenin’ my myth” Malice absolutely killed the whole verse. “Belong on Rushmore just from chiselin’ a brick” And “Secrets die with me, that’s as deep as the abyss, that is no coincidence”. Dope as f**k.

Lyrics 84

Tell me what I missedNew designer drugs and emotions I don’t get

Lyrics 83

“I’m in the new levels, I keep my cool better” There is levels to this s**t, and the competition isn’t keeping up. Shout out Wiz.

Lyrics 82

“I made the class, you studied the course” 10 times you B**ches.

Lyrics 81

“I ain’t just start multiple trends, I open doors” Boss S**t.


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