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Season 2 of Andie Think (A.T.) is up on Patreon.

A sad but first step mental health blog post linked here: 


So, first I want to thank my loyal fans here on my Facebook page.

Second, I want to let you know I’ll be doing giveaways. There will be three. First one is a $25 Amazon giveaway to my loyal Facebook fans who like the page, currently. Second one will be a $25 Amazon giveaway to anyone who likes the page after I do another invitation. And third and final will be a $25 Amazon giveaway when I hit 25 subscribers on YouTube. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel Andie Think.

Next I am announcing the second part of Andie Think – Andie Think Entrepreneur. I am very excited to announce this. The first season will be 13 blog posts and the purpose and first two posts will probably be free.

EXPLANATION ANDIE THINK ENTREPRENEUR – With Andie Think Entrepreneur I will be working growing and leading entrepreneurs. It will be blog posts done by season with likely 13 posts a season. Andie Think Entrepreneur will cover an extremely wide array of topics.

WEBSITE – My new website and blog is Most of my material will be up on my Patreon though either through blog posts or YouTube videos. Andie Think is on Patreon and Andie Think Entrepreneur will be on Patreon.

SUMMARY OF THE FIRST SEASON – The first season, 13 episodes, of Andie Think Entrepreneur is about improving the United States. I talk about the economy, covid, wealth inequality, the four areas to grow the economy, and then three areas I am trying to lead.

Thank you.

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