Lyrics 14

At home late night, chillin’, envisioning
Himself on the cover of Vibe magazine
But everything ain’t what it seems, though it seem like he gon’ blow
Will he make it? Maybe so
To be honest, I don’t know
He got lyrics, he got flow
But it takes so much mo’
So much love
So much pain
With such little time to grow
Yeah, we love it when he smile
But hate it when he frown
I remember when that girl turned his world upside down
But it made his music better
Brought emotion made it clever
Now he growing everyday
But he hungry tryna eat
Brain like an EKG the way that he study the beat
Now we know that he gon’ make it and he won’t accept defeat
Now I ain’t tryna be mean
Now I ain’t tryna be mean
But everything ain’t what it seem

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