Update on “Improving the United States – Bringing Back the American Dream”

Hi! Here is a little update to the first season of Entrepreneur. We have done nothing that I have talked about in “Improving the United States – Bringing Back the American Dream.”

I will touch on a few of the topics. As for the economy we did okay, but the rest of the topics herein, we have done poorly. For the economy, real GDP grew around 6%. That is fantastic! However rising inflation has hurt many pockets. Also real wages are not keeping pace. Rising inflation is causing real wages to decline. It is not a huge decline, but we want wages rising, not declining. The supply chain is bad and could get desperate soon.

I do not think people realize how much a good economy and good wages affects their lives.

For Covid, we have done poorly. We still have covid and mask requirements could come and go. The covid problem should have been solved by now. People with the vaccine can still get and give covid. Maybe summer will kill the virus, and we need covid resolved by this summer.

Moving on to wealth inequality. We still have vast gaps in wealth. All the wealth is at the top. People are still not doing better than their parents. Our parents used to be able to afford more with less education than us. The bottom 60% of earners are still not seeing rising real household income. We have to do something now before things get even worse!

I mentioned people need to lead and Elon Musk jumped on that boat and is leading.

We still could have higher taxes in the future. Have we got people excited for work? We are not making our own jobs. The jobs are not coming back. How much are we improving our businesses?

I am pulling for Biden to do well, but the man cannot even form a full sentence. We have not invested in artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and biotechnology. We are not bringing back the American Dream. We are an utter failure in the United States. 

Get Biden out of there and put Kamala in. Fire until we get somebody that works. 

One last thing we can do is have an earned income tax credit. 

Here has been your update on the first season of Entrepreneur.

Thank you and please buy “Improving the United States – Bringing Back the American Dream!”

I’m sure you will love it. 

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