At This Point, How Can Anyone Like Biden?

But back to it with regular content…

For Biden, it blows my mind how people can like this man, but he has done okay with everything except Afghanistan. It’s not what I want, but he hasn’t done anything too out there.

I worry though what is coming. I don’t think people understand what could happen. I think we have just seen the tip of the iceberg with inflation. Think about it. What has been done to make inflation better? All the regulation and laws is what is hurting the supply chain. Are these regulation and laws going to let up? No, there could possibly be more regulation and laws, not less. So I think we have just seen the tip of that iceberg.

I’m even more deeply concerned with the supply chain. As I mentioned, the regulation is only going to get worse. It is crippling the supply chain. What are people going to do if they can’t get access to basics? Trucks have to be 2011 or newer to run in California. They are slowing down port terminals over global warming concerns. There are no workers at airports for aircraft. (Side Note: This is giving a reason to make products in the United States).

The Fed Rate will be raised to combat growing inflation, but that will mean slower growth. That means less spending and jobs by companies.

I think the only thing keeping this together is a 6% real GDP economy. I think that could come crashing down. And all of this is happening so fast and could happen at once.

We could recover from hyperinflation, but I think we could have the greatest recession / depression since the Great Depression, and I am concerned what that will lead to. 

I’ll be happy if I am wrong.  Thank you.

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