“Improving the United States – Bringing Back the American Dream.” “Purpose”

The American Dream is lost. I got this from an article. There are three key areas which I focus on and that is the economy, covid, and wealth inequality. I went to 19 years of school. I want more. This isn’t what I broke my back working for.I worked hard in school, work, and personal development. I didn’t work so hard to get rewarded so poorly.

I want to emphasize first off that I am a mental health patient and don’t want to catch anyone off guard with that.

My voice is to help people “make a job,” not “get a job.” And to help people “Earn More.” I am going to help people find their voice.

I am a Capitalist. Capitalism is broken. Capitalism is still the best option though. It needs fixed somehow.

I have two degrees, one in Accounting and one in Management Information Systems from a Division 1 University.

I am an entrepreneur and I am going to lead entrepreneurs.

The country needs improved. There is so much wrong. I am going to help lead that improvement.

To be clear I am pulling for Biden. I will suggest changes. I hope things improve.

This page and direction is for all types of businesses. This is also for people working for a company, not just entrepreneurs.

I may focus on helping content creators.

We need a 2% economy. We have been averaging under a two percent economy at 1.39% economy since 2008 until 2020. We cannot afford to have any more poor economic years.

Again we need a 2% economy. We cannot have anymore recessions. We especially cannot have negative GDP years.

We might need to prepare for the events of possible C.N.B.C.’s.

Bill Gates and others are building up the economies around the world and they will buy from the United States.

I will be posting when I feel like it on occasion.

The modern day crisis is the phrase “Get a job,” or “Just get a job.” The jobs are running out. This mindset is not getting it done. It is not enough.

The goal is not any more, get a job. The goal is now, make a job.

This is my voice. Let me help you find yours.

In conclusion, the American Dream is lost and I am going to lead the country and the new wave of entrepreneurs.

Thank you.

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