I Want

I want to do many things, and I don’t have many things that I want.

I want euthanized. I want to go to war. I want euthanized anyway so why not go to war with all the problems we have.

The s**t these liberals come up with. They need to go from power.

We are now going to be making a deal with the terrorist regime of Iran for more oil which will fuel their terrorist ways. We should just drill here, and then transition reasonably to electric cars and nuclear energy. 

They are killing us softly.

I want to topple this tyranny.

We don’t even have free speech and it is the FIRST f**king amendment. We can’t even get the first one right.

You don’t even get 80 good years on this planet. There are low standards for this country.

I f**king hate nearly everything about my life. Put hard work in for nothing.

Not advocating for violence or random violence, but to do something. And if it turns out to be war so be it.

I have no millions.
No own company.
No good United States.
No thriving society.
No 8 years of Trump.
Ballot stuffing.
Dumb people everywhere.
No free speech.
No health. 
Democrats control every major institution in America.
Not content.
No major entertainment.
Poor economic figures.
Poor wealth distribution.
Got kids? Got a wife? I’ll go to war for you.
And if they hang me high or give me lethal injection, my only regret will be that I have but one life to give for my country.

In conclusion, I want to do many things, and don’t have many things that I want.

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