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I feel like someone (Logic) finally gets me or understands me once again:

Ten years driven in the game with the brights on
Ten years I murdered your ears when the mic’s on
Ten years hit after hit, I got the sights on
Ten years on Def Jam, I kept the lights on

Wanna know why I retired? ‘Cause I was uninspired

All up in your face with somе s**t you can’t avoid

Everything that I could rap about, already said it
I’d rather give you these melodies
Kill the game so many times it’s no longer a felony

Do what you used to do and do it over and over
How ’bout you suck my d**k and accept it’s over?
This a new chapter

Used to be addicted to likes by the likes of people I ain’t even liked

Feel like people more connected with s**t that’s not what rap’s about, so I mapped out

but the industry too cutthroat
They less focused on the talent and more focused on the upvotes

I open up about my feelings, they call me a f**got

I do this for Kenny, do this for Cole
Do this shit for the GZA and the whole clan, for sure
I do this for Mos, do this for Thought
Do this for Dilla on the for realer
But don’t let me start showin’ love ’cause I won’t be able to stop

I’d rather fail trying something new than doing the same s**t every day
F**k you

Bars I like:

It seem the art that I make over thеy heads like the Sistine
It really feel like ain’t nobody ever listening

Logic bringin’ boom bap back, this s**t is the resurgency

Yo, you are walking hand-in-hand with a real one

I’m tryna slice open my veins just to feel somethin’
Spill my blood on the page, blood on the leaves
Blood flowing down my arm from the heart on my sleeve

My green expand bigger, I Bruce Banner ’em

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