I Said I Couldn’t Handle It

I’m sorry everyone, I said I couldn’t handle another bad economic period, and here we are in another bad economic period, and I can’t handle it. (Not sure what I am going to do. I might post more frequently. Sorry if that is too much. I just cannot handle it.).

Some problems –

The border
The drugs
No freedom of speech
Red flag laws
2nd amendment problems
The economy.
The stock market.
Supply chain issues
Mysterious farm disasters
Off topic with SCOTUS and now the Democrats huge fundraising
Durham Report
Mr. Clark getting raided.
Stuff that I shouldn’t or can’t even talk about.
Monkeypox the next insurance policy?
High regulation.
High gas prices and energy prices
Turning off pipelines and not drilling
Setting the oil and gas industry back a DECADE
Not using cheap feasible energy solutions
Increase risk in blackouts
The average savings of Americans going down
The Russia Ukraine War
Funding Terrorist Regime Iran
Not being ready for physical war with China (if we even get that far)
No vaccine, immunization, or solution that is highly successful against covid (Fauci still got Covid after his 3rd or 4th injection)

What’s good –

It all hasn’t completely fallen apart yet, but we do not have a firm foundation. 

How anyone can still support Biden is still beyond me. How more people are not calling for his impeachment shocks me. Shout out Jon Voight!

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