Balenciaga $1000 Garbage Bags

The Rich are pathetic. 

Something I talk about in Bringing Back the American Dream I is the vast wealth gaps this country has. It is pathetic. The luxury fashion company Balenciaga just released TRASH BAGS that cost over $1000! A trash bag costing over $1000. Ridiculous. 

I write more about luxury companies and the wealth of the rich in Bringing Back the American Dream II. The short version is that it is sickening and shame on the world. It just shows that all the wealth is at the top. 

As for the economy, we already have the technical historic term for a recession and probably stagflation and then a depression in the future. 

The rich are a bunch of Democrats. I’m talking about the ones who make $10 mill plus a year. Who could afford something like those garbage bags. No love for the rich whatsoever. The ones who would be willing to sell out this country. F**k whoever buys those garbage bags. F**k the rich and their garbage bags. It is the biggest sign we have VAST VAST wealth gaps, and that money could be going toward helping veterans or another good cause. 

I said I mentally cannot handle another bad economic period. F**k the Rich. 

I am so fed up with how this country is managed. 

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