Money Lyrics

I don’t really like listening to money lyrics… Most of mine are about being dope, but we’re probably going to lose next Tuesday and 87,000 IRS agents are coming and I’m going to lose my money anyway, so I might as well flaunt it. B**ch. F**king paid.

Lyrics –

Yawk! Yawk! Yawk! Yawk!

I got, I got, I got, I got—

But all this money wasn’t in the plan

All of this and I’m still the man

Thought of this when I was just a fan

But all this money wasn’t in the plan

Now it’s all about them Benjamins

Ballin’ hard and you in the stands

All this money, I’m a business man

Got rich when they said I can’t

I made 11 mil’ and I’m still the same

Always staying on my grind, turned nothing to a million

She gon’ do it all for me when them bands come

Uh, this s**t is not random

‘Cause I got what they got, I’m talkin’ times two

Disagree with me and you’ve been lied to

Now imagine it, put the hours in and stayed passionate

Wasn’t blowin’ money, I was stackin’ it

Figured what the f**k I want to do in life and practiced it

Pay attention, none of this is happenin’ by accident

Listen, I don’t slack a bit

Game plan’s solid, no cracks in it

Said I want a billion now, nothing less is adequate

Grab a check, cashin’ it

I was born addicted to the money

Difference now I finally found a way to manage it

What you think I’m paid for, nothin’?

You must be mistakin’ someone

I had to go make that fundin’

I’m tryna be great at somethin’

Made fifty million when I went pop

More concerned with stocks and mortgages than little boy s**t

If you wanna know a thing about me, I’m ’bout my paper

First thing, If it’s ’bout that cheese, then I’m about it

I be stacking up

I made a million off a mixtape

I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man

Thirty millions later

I was two O’s from a M, tryna be big as Em

made a hundred million

And, my music flowing through your city like drug money

Made a mill’ off rap, f**k drug money

Last year, I made seven million

Didn’t have to do a single f**kin’ show

We all young and rich

Just one up my collar gon’ show

Hollaback when you get sixty stacks for the show

Me man, I’m underrated

At least they never underpay me

Said I’m plotting on the next five mill

I went from the favorite to the most hated

But would you rather be underpaid or overrated?

I lost thirty mil’, so I spent another thirty

20k for a verse you need some help on a track

Baby girl just dance dance dance dance dance dance

If you want them bands bands bands bands bands bands

I know you can can can can can can

Drop it low like damn damn damn damn damn damn

everybody know that boy’s pockets is swole

Life good, ’cause I just got quoted two hundred a show

Oh no, oh no, two hundred a show

Overnight, all this money that I’ve been makin’, I gave it right back

To all of the people that made me, you know we like that

I treated everybody with respect and now I’m rich

My name is Paul Rothenberg, Attorney of Law…

And I hereby ratify and confirm that Logic is m**herf**king paid

Hold it, bring it back, uh, I’ma call you back, uh

Too busy countin’ stacks

I just updated my old deal

Told Def Jam no less than 20 mil’—and they cut that s**t!

Now they say triple platinum

Finger-f**k the people said that never would happen

Built another business while you at the party

Handout, palm up, you cannot get this s**t here for free, nah

I got millions in the bank because my dream’s strong

Sold millions of records before the radio

You made a couple million, that s**t is gross

My net is 30, my record clean, my flow is dirty, right?

So much plaque up on my wall I need a dentist

I just paid ten million in taxes

Yeah, you know I am right, I just signed a 30 million dollar deal

How that feel? Godd**n right, no, that ain’t a rapper flex

I just gotta let ’em know

That money don’t mean s**t without self-respect

Built myself an empire

my talent put me in the mansion

I went platinum and double platinum then triple platinum

I spit the finest of flows, I count cash, you count hoes

I done made 20 million dollars (Preach)

I don’t flex to be acknowledged (Preach)

At this point it’s common knowledge (Preach)

Sold more albums my first week than Harry Styles and Katy Perry

Thirty millions later, know the feds watchin’

Seven figures ho, that’s slimmer than my b**ch figure, ayy

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