Back When Men Were Men


I have a new FREE booklet out in honor of Memorial Day. It is called, “Back When Men Were Men.” (I censored the Title on Facebook). It is 13 short posts. Some are only a sentence long. It is just a reminder of how privileged we are and to thank the men that taught us to be men.

Thank you to the friend who I had a little quick side conversation with about back when men were men.

But the real inspiration came from a guy who says what he wants and doesn’t believe all this new age b.s. Why? Cause he fought in the Vietnam War. He was a tunnel rat. He would go after the enemy in the tunnels and hear hissing. Turns of the Vietnamese would hang Cobras from the top to intimidate US soldiers and they would be hanging down hissing in the dark.

This is a tribute and a thank you back to when men were men, and all that the great men sacrificed to make this country great.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.



Table of Contents:

1. US World War II Soldiers

2. Baseball Shin Guards

3. No Hockey Masks

4. US Settlers and Pioneers

5. Michael Jordan Flu

6. Even Tim Tebow’s Broken Leg

7. Civil War Injuries

8. Russian Labor Camps

9. Bayonets

10. Andrew Jackson

11. Curt Schilling Bloody Sock

12. Obviously, Jesus

13. President Theodore Roosevelt


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