Complex Problem

This may sound complex what I am about to write about, but we have major problems that could lead to even bigger problems. We all don’t like Hitler. We cannot follow in Germany’s footsteps and there are some indicators that may be happening.

Some say what brought Hitler to power was the inflation Germany suffered called the Weimar inflation. The truth is Germany recovered from the Weimar inflation. What really brought Hitler to power was the Great Depression. Germany became so down and low that they were suckered by a guttersnipe.

That is why we cannot have a recession or real GDP bad economic quarters or years. That is why inflation is so important now. We have to deal with the inflation now.

We cannot have this new Hitler, whoever it is, come to power because we followed in the same footsteps as Germany. We should not have inflation (and it looks like it is here to stay) and we definitely cannot have real GDP bad economic periods.

We have had bad economic years for so long, that I fear we will not be able to handle bad real GDP economic periods.

There will be more about the economy in the upcoming season. You can read it for FREE now on my Patreon.

In conclusion, this is a complex topic that has problems that could lead to bigger problems.

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