We need to have a good economy and there are a few items we can work on.

First, we can encourage companies to ease up on the vaccine mandates. We already have a worker shortage and people quitting because of vaccine mandates will only make it worse. Just give more time please and delay it a little.

Second, we have indirect economic factors hurting the country like high inflation, which some are saying will be around for a while. Consumers are going to feel the rising costs in everyday products they buy. I hope this gets resolved or a little better.

Finally, we have supply chain issues. This can lead to slower real GDP economic growth. Right now we have FANTASTIC real GDP economic growth. It has been around 6% for the first two quarters of 2021. I don’t expect it to remain that high (because it is so excellent), but it is a great number for now. Big ups to those incharge.

However, we could have some future real GDP economic growth issues because of supply chain issues. One reason there are poor supply chain issues that I heard of is because there are laws in California that trucks have to be from 2011 or newer to operate. I hope we can relax these laws to ease up on supply chain issues. Biden cannot do it all and I am here to help by making some recommendations like I have and will do. As I mention in my upcoming blog post season, I will try to help Biden. Supply chain issues will hurt all businesses, but especially small businesses that are already struggling to begin with.

Some large companies are using charter flights and charter air cargo because of shipping delays in California. But that even has an issue because commercial airports have workforce shortages.

In conclusion, we absolutely have to have a good economy and listed above are some items we can work on.

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