IRS $600 Reporting Requirement

I oppose the new possible IRS $600 reporting requirement. There is a possible new law coming out where banks will have to report transactions over $600 to the IRS to monitor your bank account more closely. The current level is $10,000, which is where I think it should be at. The law, in theory, isContinue reading “IRS $600 Reporting Requirement”

Transition – Derek Jeter

I would like to thank Derek Jeter for partially inspiring me to make this transition in my life. In 2017, Derek Jeter decided to buy the Miami Marlins. Like Derek I am transitioning from my old life to a new life and growing myself. This site, “Entrepreneur,” is about “Earning More,” and “Make a Job,”Continue reading “Transition – Derek Jeter”

Entrepreneur Announcement

Lyrics 15 “See I spent twenty-three years on this earth searching for answers‘Til one day I realized I had to come up with my ownI’m not on the outside looking inI’m not on the inside looking outI’m in the dead f**king center, looking around“ Welcome back to “Entrepreneur.” This is “Entrepreneur’s” start date announcement andContinue reading “Entrepreneur Announcement”

NEWS (A. T. Entrepreneur)

Season 2 of Andie Think (A.T.) is up on Patreon. A sad but first step mental health blog post linked here:  NEWS So, first I want to thank my loyal fans here on my Facebook page. Second, I want to let you know I’ll be doing giveaways. There will be three. First one isContinue reading “NEWS (A. T. Entrepreneur)”